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Project Description

Pata-Cluj is a social intervention project that uses an integrated approach to social inclusion. The aim is to prepare the social inclusion of the communities in Pata Rat and Canton Street, the most vulnerable group in Cluj-Napoca and one of the vulnerable groups of the Cluj Metropolitan Area. The intervention is carried out through a multidimensional approach and uses multidimensional project themes to increase community participation in the society of Cluj, increase access to education, creative development and vocational training.
AltArt coordinates the cultural component of the project, assisting Pata Rat communities in acquiring a better quality of life.
The members of the Pata Rat community participate in different cultural activities established through participatory curatorial, an inclusive process of design, selection and artistic planning and activities. Through open calls for projects, artistic interventions take place in the public space and a number of cultural activities (workshops, performances, musical improvisations). These activities contribute to the cohesion of the Pata Rat communities and, moreover, to the creation of closer links between those living in the area and the inhabitants of other parts of Cluj.

Implemented in



Intercommunity Development Association – Metropolitan Area Cluj
Habitat For Humanity Cluj
Community Association of the Roma from Coastei


192,600 EUR

Funded by

Norway Grants